Review the Phrasal Verbs

Summary 3-56


A. Listen to some in-flight announcements and match them to pictures A-D. What information or instructions are the passengers being given?

B. Listen again. What word or phrase do the flight attendants use to mean... ?

1 small bags and cases

2 the cupboards above your seat

3 put on your seat belt

4 phones, tablets Review the Phrasal Verbs, etc.

5 the doors where you can get out of the plane quickly if there is a problem

6 the thing you have to put on if the plane is going to land on the sea

7 to blow air inside something

C. Complete the text with the words in the list.

aisle Review the Phrasal Verbs __________ cabin crew ______________ seat belts ______________

connecting flight ______________ turbulence ______________

direct flights ______________ jet lag ______________ long-haul flights ______________

I often fly to Chile on business. I always choose an 1 __________ seat, so that I can get up and walk around more easily. Sometimes there is 2 __________ when the plane flies over the Andes, which I don't Review the Phrasal Verbs enjoy, and the 3 __________ tell the passengers to put their 4 __________ on. There aren't any 5 __________ to Chile from London, so I usually have to get a 6 __________ in Madrid. Whenever I take 7 __________ I always suffer from 8 __________ because of the time difference and I feel tired for several days.


Close the part in Russian, translate, check yourself

Я нередко езжу в Лондон по делам. Прямых рейсов в Лондон нет, потому мне обычно приходится делать пересадку в Москве. Я обычно прошу место в проходе, так как люблю ходить во время полета. Но в сей раз мне дали место у Review the Phrasal Verbs окна. I often fly to London on business. There aren’t any direct flights to London, so I usually have to get a connecting flight in Moscow. I usually ask for an aisle seat because I like to walk around during the flight. But this time I was given Review the Phrasal Verbs a window seat.
Мой рейс был должен вылететь в 6 вечера, но когда я подошел к стойке регистрации, мне произнесли, что, к огорчению, мой рейс задерживается и извинились за неудобства. My flight was scheduled to depart at 6 p.m., but when I came to the check-in desk Review the Phrasal Verbs, I was told that, unfortunately, my flight had been delayed, and they apologized for the inconvenience.
Я сдал сумку в багаж и мне дали посадочный талон и талон на получение багажа. В ручную кладь я положил собственный компьютер, поэтому что желал поработать во время полета. Я прошел предполетный досмотр, паспортный контроль и Review the Phrasal Verbs пошел к выходу B25. I checked my luggage and they gave me a boarding pass and a baggage claim. I put my laptop in my carry-on because I wanted to work during the flight. I went through security, passport control and walked to gate B Review the Phrasal Verbs25.
В прошедший раз я запоздал на самолет и мне пришлось идти к билетной кассе и брать новый билет. Не считая того, мой чемодан был очень тяжкий и с меня взяли средства за превышение веса. Last time I missed my flight and I had to go to the ticket counter Review the Phrasal Verbs to buy a new ticket. Besides, my suitcase was too heavy and I was charged for the excess weight.
В сей раз, когда мы летели над Россией, была мощная турбулентность, и экипаж самолета попросил пассажиров пристегнуться. This time there was turbulence when the plane flew over Russia, and the cabin crew told Review the Phrasal Verbs the passengers to put their seat belts on.
Когда бы я ни делал длинный перелет, я всегда страдаю от синдрома смены времени и чувствую себя вялым некоторое количество дней. Whenever I take a long-haul flight, I always suffer from jet lag, I feel tired for several Review the Phrasal Verbs days.

Homework for the 17-th of April

Practice the Interpreter Service

Review the Phrasal Verbs

3. Translate using Phrasal Verbs: 1. Мой супруг подбросил меня в аэропорт за два часа до рейса. 2 Я зарегистрировался онлайн за денек до вылета. 3. Из-за нехороший погоды самолет взлетел позднее. 4. Мы направились в путешествие рано с утра. 5. Когда Review the Phrasal Verbs я забрал собственный багаж в зоне получения багажа, я натолкнулся на старенького знакомого, который прилетел этим же рейсом.

Answers A: A 4 B 2 C 3 D 1

Answers B

1 хэнд luggage 2 overhead compartments 3 fasten /'fa:sn/ 4 personal electronic devices 5 emergency exits 6 the life jacket 7 to inflate

Answers C:

1. aisle 3 cabin crew 5 direct flights Review the Phrasal Verbs 7 long-haul flights
2 turbulence 4 seat belts 6 connecting flight 8 jet lag
1. aisle seat место в проходе 5 direct flights прямой рейс
2 turbulence турбулентность 6 connecting flight стыковочный рейс
3 cabin crew экипаж самолета 7 long-haul flights далекий рейс
4 seat belts ремни 8 jet lag синдром смены часовых поясов

Audio Script

1 Ladies and gentlemen, welcome on Review the Phrasal Verbs board this flight to Hong Kong. Please place all хэнд luggage in the overhead compartments or underneath the seat in front of you. We ask that you please fasten your seat belts and for safety reasons we advise you to keep them fastened throughout the flight.

2 We also ask Review the Phrasal Verbs that you make sure your seats and table trays are in the upright position for take-off. Please turn off all personal electronic devices, including laptops and cell phones. We remind you that smoking is prohibited for the duration of the flight.

3 Ladies and gentlemen, may we have your special Review the Phrasal Verbs attention for the following safety instructions? Please read the safety instructions card, which is located in the pocket of the seat in front of you. There are six emergency exits on this aircraft, all marked with exit signs. Take a minute to locate the exit closest to you. Note Review the Phrasal Verbs that the nearest exit may be behind you.

4 The safety instruction card is in the pocket of the seat in front of you. Please read it. It shows you the equipment carried on this aircraft for your safety. Your life jacket is located under your seat. In the unlikely Review the Phrasal Verbs event of the aircraft landing on water, place the life jacket over your head, fasten the straps at the front, and pull them tight.

Do not inflate the jacket inside the aircraft. As you leave the aircraft, pull down the red tabs to inflate the vest. If necessary, the Review the Phrasal Verbs life jacket can be inflated by blowing through these tubes.